Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camp fires and Marshmallows

This past Labor day weekend we went camping with my In Laws. They drove up from Florida and met us at the camp site in North Carolina. It was such a relaxing and beautiful weekend. We stayed in a small cabin which only had beds in them, no bathrooms or running water. It was diffently more of a camping experience than the one we experience this past July.  We had a great time catching up and watching the guys play Ladder Ball. Lots of Camp fires and roasting marshmallows were in our nightly routine. LK loved cooking hotdogs on sticks over the camp fire.  We took LK fishing at a lake near by, they didn't catch anything but we had a blast.  I will have to say this was one our better trips this summer. And what a way to end the summer with Family and Great Memories.

The Ward Family

My son told us, Now Mommy this is REAL camping! So we knew we had to take him camping in Shenadoah Va, my husband and I went camping in Shenadoah soon after we met. It was one our favorite trips together. So this will be a surprise for our son LK he will not know about  this until we get there!! No cabins there, we will be pitching our 12 person tent for two nights and using nature for well you know! :)

Our Dog Maxine came with us

Ladder Ball

Making a fire for Dinner

Cooking hotdogs over the campfire, yum!

The 3 Ken's
LK fishing on the pier with his Daddy

Fishing on the pier

LK with his grandparents

My family loves taken and pictures!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shark, Sharks and more Sharks

In July we went to  Cavert Marine Museum in Solomons Island, Md every year they have a Shark Fest. So this year we went! My Inlaws, our Friends and their kids also came, they had a blast. They had a pool inside the museum which held 5 baby sharks, LK thought this was the coolest thing! But he did say he thought JAWS would be there! lol  He was a little hesitant when he was told he could touch them. But as you can see in the pictures he was so into after he knew they were not going to bite his fingers off. 

the kiddos
 They also had a pretty good size area for the kids to dig
for Sharks Teeth, this is LK's shark tooth that he found!

Have a great day!