Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 101 Award

                          Thank You over at @The Robles Family for the Happy 101 Award!

List 10 things that make us happy.

1. My Family- my heart

2. My baby sis is having a little boy his name is Mason :)

3. The Smell of a pumpkin candle burning in my kitchen

4. Fall,  the colors, the smell and chill in the crisp air

5. Spending time with my lil man "Just him and his mama"

6.  A campfire and marshmallows

7. Hugs and Smiles from my Daycare kiddos

8. Lazy Days

9. Watching my Hubby play ball.

10. Family Dinners at my mom's house just like when I was a little girl!

I'm passing this award along to 3 other bloggers! Make sure to drop by and say hello

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