Monday, November 8, 2010

Shutterfly has my ♥

Recently I came across  Shutterfly, thanks to some of my blogging friends!! Well I was sold right away there prices were great and the amount of variety was amazing. It's a great way to share photos and memories of your loved ones.  I started my first shutterfly book last month. I decided since scrap booking is so time consuming and costly, that I was going to try to make my own photo book online.  It was so easy to make and lots of fun. I'm excited this year to be doing photo books for all the grandparents and of course one for me! The book consists of photos of January - August 2010 of all our special moments and events! Which I wanted to say it turned out amazing. At the end of each photo book I put a different picture of each set of grandparents with LK (my son)which makes it a little more special!!
Every year I do make my own Christmas cards online at our local photo shop, but this year I'm using Shutterfly the quality of the picture on the cards are so much better. There are so many to choose from. Check out Shutterfly Christmas Cards HERE!!!  They also have Holiday Story Cards which is a specail way to update friends and family afar on some special events are milestone your little ones have done!!

These were some of my favorites:


Every year I also  make a calendar for LK's (my son) great grandpa he loves looking at the different pictures of his great grandson and since he lives in Florida we do not get see him that often. They also have  Shutterfly Calendar's  that are perfect for a Christmas Gifts to a loved one or family friend. I know I will be ordering from Shutterfly you should too!!!

So if you are a blogger and would like to participate in their 2010 Holiday promotion in which you receive 50 free greeting cards for spreading the word, go here. 

 I hope you enjoy Shutterfly as much as do!