Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of School

Today was LK's first day of school, he was a little nervous this morning but we made it with no tears!  For the last three years I started taking pictures of him by the Big Tree in our front yard. So I went back to those pics and couldn't believe how much my little boy has grown. He started Prek-3 at the church in our neighborhood and he loved it, so I sent him there for Prek-4 the next year. He called it his little school when he started Kindergarten in the BIG school. This year is so different because he will no longer have center time and nap time. I talked to him about it and seemed to understand, he was more worried about having recess time! :)
So here are some pics below of the past three years of LK's first day of school and the most recent which was taken this morning!!



1st Grade
What a blessing he is!


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Robles Family said...

He looked so tiny in that first picture! Glad he had a great first day of school.